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Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision...
...Our vision is to become a leading petrochemical holding Company in supplying petrochemical products, especially aromatic derivatives, in Iran by diversifying our products and focusing on excellence, in alignment with Iran’s 20-Year Development Vision.

Our Mission...
Our mission, as an aromatic producer company with globally accepted quality, is to satisfy stakeholder's interests equitably by producing diverse petrochemical products and services. We serve...
... all commercial buyers using our products and services in their value chains.

We deliver...
o Bulk Aromatic chemicals – Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes and Phthalic Anhydride as well as some by-products such as Nitrogen gas.
o Technical services in project's installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of chemical/petrochemical plants Our future products and services will include...
o All current products and services plus an expanding assortment of chemical derivatives, including: Phenol, Acetone, Pantene etc. and engineering services, offer able by EPC Holding and its subsidiaries. Our core competencies and advantages include…
• Proportionate provision of revenues and expectancy of his beneficiaries include his customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.
• Trust to professional behavior tenet
• Attempt to health and safety of employees
• Making employees capable and persuading them to rising, learning, innovation, team working and participate in making decisions.
• Collocation, discipline and responsibility
• Organization behavior has predicated to honesty and governing of sufficiency
• Optimum utilize of resources and keeping guard of environment with permanent development standpoint

o Professional, expert, and enthusiastic people as our most valuable organizational asset
o An organizational culture based on human values and continuous improvement.
o World-class systems and procedures, including:
o Advanced technologies and quality-assured processes and equipment,
o Internationally-certified management systems
o Well-managed equipment maintenance systems
o Well-established experience in commissioning, operation, and maintenance of chemical / petrochemical plants.
o Established reputation among economic, social, and environmental organizations and interest groups.
o Strong shareholder and financial institutions’ support for growth investments
o Access to world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves, developing markets, and abundant workforce.

Our Core Values are…
• Balanced fulfillment of all stakeholders’ needs and expectations
• Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
• People’s Health, Safety, and Environmental protection
• People Empowerment and support for risk-taking, learning & innovation, teamwork and participation in decision-making
• Discipline & Accountability, Continuous Quality and Productivity Im
Esfahan Petrochemical Complex - 5 miles Azadegan Boulevard - Exclusive petrochemical
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Office of petrochemical complex in Tehran: Tehran - Iran martyr Abbaspoor (TAVANIR)
Field Nezami Ganjavi - No. 1
Phone: +983133922000 - 7 Fax: +982188009628 - +983133922681
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